It's open world game where you can explore, use different fire-arms, kill puppets, destroy environment, pick up items (puppets, grenades)  and just have fun.



LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - To Shoot or Pick Up Items

1, 2, 3 KEYS - To Change Weapons

Q - Hide Weapons (then you can pick up objects)

G - Spawn Grenade (to activate you have to pick it up and throw)

TAB - Enter / Stop Slow Motion Time

ESC - Open Game Menu


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You still working on this?

pls omplete the gameeeeeeeeeee

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pls complete the game is the best game of the word



This is one of the best games I have played, add melee weapons, a much larger map, and a storyline, and I'll do a YouTube series! I love this game!

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it:)

Also, the grenades don't work. Do you know why? And also, try to add more "stuff" so that we can get cool environmental kills.

This is an early prototype, it's very minimalistic. Trying to implement different mecanics for the game:) Grenades should be working but there is no effects currently. You can use grenade when weapon is hidden. All controls are in the description.

Ohhhhhh ok. Don't think I've tried that yet.